Roundtable on World Class Startups, MENA Ecosystem and Women Entrepreneurship Development


Roundtable on World Class Startups, MENA Ecosystem and Women Entrepreneurship Development

As reported by Mr Mondher Khanfir, CEO of Wiki Start Up, here are the key messages that emerged from the Round Table who gathered US specialists with Tunisian entrepreneurs and investors, organized by Wiki Start Up on the theme “World Class Startups, MENA Ecosystem and Women Entrepreneurship Development”:
1) The Global Economy is changing fast, with an increasing role played by startups in wealth production, growth and jobs generation. Most of the MENA region countries are showing some resistance to adapt their models and strategies to integrated the Global Economic Model shift.

2) Very few Gouvernements are adopting formal Innovation Policy to take advantage of the new paradigm imposed by the Digital Era. Usually Government protects rather than supports markets development, and this cannot help to unlock entrepreneurial potential.

3) The way companies are created is also changing. There is a fascination for the manner some very young entrepreneurs are launching their companies without any entreprise experience. Thanks to Business Incubators & Accelerators, startups creation is now a true industry even in the MENA region.

4) Many people are dreaming about the Silicon Valley. It’s usually presented as the Eldorado of Innovation. Behind the poster, the difficulties to succeed remains the same… What counts is the mind set and entrepreneurial spirit which is spreading over the world. This is how ecosystems are becoming more attractive, in particular thanks to the Diaspora move.

5) Tunisia has the chance to employ 18000 full time researchers in various scientist fields… most of them are women. As the research based spin-offing (Univenture) is taking off, and will probably represent an important stake in setting up innovative businesses, there is a big chance that Tunisian women will play a bigger role in the entrepreneurial arena. History proved that the most impacting changes were generally led by Women… A happy destiny for Tunisia!