I happened to be stationed from the Bien Hoa Air Legs 5/68-5:69 as a beneficial 46250 gun Mech

I happened to be stationed from the Bien Hoa Air Legs 5/68-5:69 as a beneficial 46250 gun Mech

We supported inside vietnam 261st transportation unit when you look at the much time binh, 67-68, hauled ammo, sensuous lots, napalm, provided ammunition depot, is actually there when the vc blew new pads, whistlers #37.

Anyway, during that TET I recall the brand new bomb reduce increasing, spooky firing directly on the beds base perimeter

I arrived from inside the country within Bronze Sanut Saigon once i went along the stairways brand new sirens ran out-of we were less than an effective Motar attack! Thanks for visiting Viet Nam! I found myself gay hookup apps free heading to the brand new bunker nevertheless the guy I found myself resting with to your plane said realize me personally. The next thing I’m sure I was resting at the a pub inside Siagon! Works out this guy is actually a ground sky controller for the their second trip!! Worked on F-a hundred A beneficial-37 aircraft. From the stating that we had been struck of the rockets and you will mortars 180 evening in those days peroid, most likely a little exaggeration! Following day a keen F-4E strafed the brand new fringe. I could see the 20 mm casings dropping of it. We’d sweet dos tale wooden barracks plus the Armed forces helo ft was right behind us and also the altillary. 105s In my opinion. After they discharged it would be right more than all of our barracks and you can in the event the pouring you could hear this new rain showing up in shells. Our store manage grab good Duce and a half so you’re able to LBJ to pickup pallets off coke (the sort you take in). In addition it aforded you entry to the brand new PX. That is all I remember from LBJ. From the Bien Boa I Frank Johnson and something airman worked area time at this pond since lifetime guards. We existed an excellent which have nice barracks, baths, a good chow hallway airmans pub. I missing one to O-step 1 bird dog in order to a rocket, but not sure it was during TET or not. Other time our very own bomb eradicate had struck and you can five hundred 500 pounders went out of in general. New clean out is fifteen miles from our barracks the fresh concussion brought up me of my bunk and place myself on the floor. New hanger doors to your all of our weapons have been knocked from other songs the latest floresent lights on to the ground. I went along to brand new beat to see the newest crater it had been 40 ft up to 20 foot strong! We rembember the latest B52s throwing their loads many nights. Could see new flashes to the night sky’s pay attention to the rumble. They would treat 117 500 pounders in the an excellent salvo. There had been no F-cuatro centered on Bien Hoa doing 5/69 nonetheless they replaced the three squadrons regarding F-hundreds afterwards. Inside my remain thaw plenty, A-37, a couple of 0-1s, one or two Cessna bull crap bombers, spookies, U-2s 2 F-102 interceptors on alert mat That morning Frank I have been taking walks to the flight range in advance of dawn when an excellent 102 scrambled. As it transpired the latest runway cause was indeed commit away from they! Brand new pilot roatated and you can ran upright and you will exploded, The fresh airplane pilot thrown and you can is saved by military device within moments.

However there were these shots it pumped toward united states in addition to!

I forgot the brand new Ranch Give at the Bien Hoa! They’d C-123s. An appealing tidbit would be the fact in my own tour at the Bien Hoa the brand new Farm Give dispersed us tend to getting mosquitos. One-time I got caught out in the fresh new discover while the 123 ran really over myself I experienced doused decent. This new interesting region is actually which i always hunted with only a good wool top most of the 12 months in the upstate Ny. After Nan I can never rating enjoying enough long lasting We used. I happened to be 21 yrs . old into the 69. Coincidence? Possibly. But i have constantly pondered.